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Native English Speaker from the United Kingdom

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Thank you for your interest in lessons with me but, unfortunately, I am not able to take on any new students at the moment. My timetable is completely full.

About me

Meena Toora

My name is Meena Toora and I am a native English speaker from the UK. I have lived and taught English in Opava since 2002 and my work experience includes teaching at primary and secondary schools as well as in various companies. I have also given seminars and lectures at conferences around the Czech Republic.

I would describe myself as very open and friendly, and I speak fluent Czech so you don’t need to worry about communication with me.

I teach students of all levels from complete beginners to very advanced and I love my job because I feel I am able to help a lot of people overcome problems, especially with confidence in English conversation.


English Courses

I offer courses for everyday English, Business English and Technical English. My students range from complete beginners to advanced. Individual lessons mean that I can completely cater to each student’s specific needs, whether it be grammar, conversation, listening practice, etc…


I have taught in companies in Opava since 2002. Lessons can be individual or in groups. I am willing to travel to companies for the lessons or lessons can be online.


I have worked in several schools – primary and secondary. I have mainly helped with English conversation practice and preparation for Maturita but I can also help in other capacities if required.

Online lessons

A lot of people have started working from home and have become more interested in online lessons. This is also a good option for people who do not want to waste time travelling or are outside Opava.

Preparation for Maturita

I can help with all aspects of Maturita, including conversation, listening exercises, grammar, comparing pictures, practising situations, etc… I often do practice papers with students to get them used to the format of the Maturita exam.



My main aim through conversation sessions is to help students gain confidence in speaking. I am very friendly, open and communicative and I believe that students feel very comfortable talking to me. Many of my students have told me about their increased confidence in speaking English in real life situations after lessons with me.

Translations and Proofreading

I only do translations into English. As a native speaker, I can ensure that the English translation will sound authentic. Proofreading is also a popular option. I have previosuly proofread Bachelor’s or Master’s theses, newsletters, as well as other texts….


Czech for foreigners

I studied Czech at university in the UK and am able to help anybody learn Czech if they have a good background in English. I speak fluent Czech and can help you understand the language from the perspective of an English speaker.


Meena is full of endless energy and enthusiasm, which she easily transfers to the student. She is always well-prepared, she has a great approach, she is willing to do whatever it takes to develop her students and move them forwards. You can look forward to a pleasant atmosphere and to a teacher who is always willing to help you. I recommend the course with Meena to everybody, whether they are just starting out with the language or to more advanced students who just need to brush up on their skills. She will give confidence to anybody who is too shy to speak.
Head of English, secondary school, Opava
Meena has been an integral part of our school for four years now. Our students always look forward to the lessons with her, even those who sometimes struggle with English. She can motivate and inspire them in conversation and help them with their fear of speaking. For all of us at school, it is a pleasure to work with her.
Head of English, primary school, Opava
I have been having conversation sessions with Meena for more than 5 years. I really appreciate her friendly and informal approach, her competence as a native speaker and as a linguist, as well as her excellent knowledge of Czech. I can recommend co-operation with her in all respects.
director of a state organisation, Ostrava

More references

After finishing primary school, my English was very bad. I even had problems with the basics, but thanks to Meena’s help I managed to graduate with an A.
former Maturita student
I definitely recommend Meena as an English teacher! It’s not necessary to emphasise the fact that she’s a native speaker. But I would like to mention her personal and teaching abilities. Meena is a very systematic person, she can evaluate where a person’s weaknesses are and therefore she knows exactly what areas to concentrate on the most. She is able to pass on her knowledge in a way that the student is able to properly understand and use it. And the fact that she is always kind, helpful and in a good mood is just the icing on the cake : )
entrepreneur, Opava
Meena has been teaching me English for several years and I am very satisfied with her lessons because, thanks to her, I have passed the English exam which was necessary for my job. She always finds the weaknesses in my English which need to be improved, in both spoken and written aspects. She chooses suitable learning methods that are manageable for me. I'm looking forward to my next lessons with her.
soldier, Opava
The best teacher I’ve ever had. My English wasn’t the best - I had problems with vocabulary and I couldn’t speak fluently. I didn’t feel comfortable when I had to speak English somewhere but Meena really helped me - she got rid of my fear of speaking. After several sessions of conversation with Meena, she took my English to a completely different level. Meena is a positive and funny person and everyone gets on with her. I really enjoy every lesson with her.
Maturita student, Opava
I contacted Meena when I was looking for a new job and preparing for an interview in English. She helped me a lot. She has very good knowledge, is very kind and she always made full use of the whole lesson. The option to have the lessons online was a great advantage for me. I really appreciated the written summary of mistakes which she always sent me by e-mail after the lesson.
hotel manager, Prague
I wanted to improve my English because it is an important factor when searching for good jobs. Based on a recommendation, I contacted Meena and I have been pleased with her from the first lesson. My English has improved but most of all I have gained confidence in conversation in a foreign language.
university student, Ostrava
Lessons with a native speaker are completely different from normal lessons. In my case, my understanding of the English language has improved a lot. In everyday life, I especially appreciate the fact that I am able to have normal interactions with foreigners in the street, arrange everyday things abroad independently without having to rely on the help of other members of the group who may have better language skills. Through training conversation, I got rid of my fear of conversation with strangers. Meena is able to adapt the lessons to what I need to practise at that particular moment and expands my vocabulary on topics I use in practice, which makes it easier for me to understand foreign lectures and texts in my work as a doctor.
general practitioner, Opava
Meena is a great teacher and a beautiful person. She gave me the confidence to speak English. And it doesn't matter that I'm not exactly the best at it. Her lessons are so natural and friendly that I often forgot that we were speaking English. The most important thing for me is that I have lost my inhibitions about speaking and using English, even though I know it isn’t one hundred percent: o)
Quality Assurance, Opava
Meena is bold, bright, bubbly, challenging, cheerful, competent, effective, enthusiastic, fair, friendly, loving, knowledgeable, supportive, wise and wonderful. 
former primary school student, Opava
I recommend Meena to everyone who has high demands. She always adapted to my requirements and adjusted the lessons to suit me. Her attitude and knowledge are excellent ...
head technician, Opava
A kind, wonderful and helpful teacher with an individual approach to students. Lessons with a native speaker are the perfect opportunity to practice communication on various topics and to expand your vocabulary. The conversation sessions with Meena improved my linguistic abilities and enriched me in many ways. I recommend her to all students who need to improve their level of communication in English.
English teacher, Opava
Not only can Meena get people speaking but she also does it in a very pleasant and fun way. Students have fun and learn at the same time when they have conversation with her. She is always prepared for the lesson, and not just with a smile. I would recommend conversation with Meena to everyone, whether they are beginners or fluent students of English.
grammar school student, Opava

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